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So, anybody hungry?  I know I am.  Seems like I’m always up for something delicious.  In addition to world peace and a really fabulous handbag, my next meal is usually on my mind.  And, having criss-crossed the country a couple times in my 40+years on the planet, food is the surest path to friendship that I know.  Everybody eats.

Why read this? Because you love to eat.  Because you love to cook.  Because you’re my husband and you want to support me.  Because you’re one of my friends who has heard me say, “I’m going to start a food blog,” and you can’t believe I finally got this project off the ground.  Any reason works for me.

As I say when I put a meal on the table, “I hope you like it.”



7 comments on “About”

  1. I’m hungry to ready your blog and thrilled to follow your adventures with food. Congratulations on putting your food where your mouth is…or your blog where your…oh, you know what I’m saying. Write on, Vicki!

  2. well my friend, this is officially the first blog i’ve ever followed. i hardly call myself a foodie (i have a major aversion to stinky cheese of any kind), but perhaps all that will change. i love to cook and so far my only fan is my husband and i hope that will change too. thanks for sharing…

  3. Well, I am your husband and I DO support you because your are AWESOME! Most of all, I am proud of you for getting your blog off the ground and sharing some great food stories and some of your great recipes! Rock on!

  4. So proud of you. This is awesome. The recipes sound amazing and although I will most likely never make one of them, I will read them religously just for a taste of your writing. Very cool. Love you.

  5. How can I not try a recipe that is decribed as “velvety rich and culinarily orgasmic?” With a come-on like that, I think if one of the ingredients were dog poop in your “Belgian Leep Tart,” I’d still have to give it a try. I’m looking forward to seeing what you post for the upcoming holiday season.

  6. You had me at “Have the prawns, those are shrimp.”

  7. Considering that my favorite recipes are all from you, I think it is my duty to my family and friends to learn more. Thank you for sharing your knowledge (and humor).

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